About this series

Genesis is a story about beginnings. Genesis is where we read about creation, it's purpose and intelligent design, the fall of man, the stumbling of the patriarchs and God's grace and faithfulness throughout it all. Most significantly, Genesis points to our need for a Savior. 

The Genesis artwork is creatively shaped by the happenings of the first 15 chapters of Genesis. Using imagery and creative line-work, our in-house designer Brendan O'Connor challenges us to think critically about the implications of the text in art-form. Notice how the design appears stretched horizontally; implying the expanse of creation and the arching them of redemption presented in the first few chapters. The trees, the waves, rivers, planets, stars interpreting all of creation and rib bones representing the creation of woman from man. Consider the junction in the center of the graphic where the crown is centered, with God's giving represented on one side and man's receiving on the other. There is much more to consider and we invite you to seek out the edification and curiosity that this design instills. 

Genesis 1-15