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Chris DAvis

Chris and his wife Whitney live in Golden Gate Heights and are still getting used to San Francisco's hills. 

Chris was born and raised in St. Louis, Missouri, and graduated from Southeast Missouri State University in 2007 with a bachelor’s degree in Political Science and Criminal Justice. Upon graduation, Chris moved to Memphis, TN, where he served numerous churches and ministries. He is a graduate of Mid-America Seminary, from which he holds a Master of Divinity. 

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Nick and his family live in Merced Manor and he unashamedly loves San Francisco’s $4 toast. 

Nick was born and raised in Phoenix, AZ. He attended Ozark Christian College where he received a BA in Biblical Literature and more importantly, met his wife Rachel. Nick and Rachel have lived in major cities in Thailand, Japan, and across the US working with new church plants. Before moving to San Francisco they lived in Missouri while Nick earned an MA in Organizational Leadership from Lincoln Christian University. Along the way they have had five children — all in different countries and states. Nick serves as a pastor at Redemption in addition to working with the Orchard Group, a Manhattan-based organization that helps start new churches in cities around the world.

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Maz lives with his wife and two children in Cole Valley, and works as a user experience designer at a startup downtown. You can often find Maz at AT&T park, cheering on the amazing San Francisco Giants.

Maz is a native of the Bay Area, and he and his wife, Courtney, have been a part of Redemption Church since 2012. Maz and Courtney are both alums of Pepperdine University, and spent a good portion of their 20s living in Los Angeles, where they were both involved in two new church plants before they met. They have a huge heart for the city of San Francisco, and for sharing God’s love with everyone who calls the city home. Maz wasn’t raised a Christian, but he and his family came to faith during Maz’s freshman year of college, which is a much longer story that he would love to tell you sometime.

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John Hamilton  
Director / redemption Music & redemption Communities 

John lives in Lone Mountain with his wife, Madison and their daughter, Abel. He enjoys good company, fried food and watching University of Kentucky football and basketball.

John attended Western Kentucky University where he spent most of his time leading at CRU and coaching High School football. After graduating with a degree in Religious Studies, John moved back to his hometown of Louisville, KY and finally convinced his long time friend, Madison, that he was boyfriend material and the two got hitched 10 months later. Previously John had been a Worship Leader at Southeast Christian Church but, prayerfully, he and Madi jumped at the opportunity to move to the West Coast and serve a gospel centered church plant like Redemption in the Spring of 2014. They enjoy exploring the seemingly infinite corners of the city with all it’s delicious eateries, ice cream shops and unique culture.

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Rachel lives with her husband Nick and five children in Merced Manor. While she spends a good deal of her time caring for her kids. Rachel likes nothing more than grabbing a coffee with friends. In her (limited) free time, she also enjoys watching the BBC and reading.

Rachel was raised in Amarillo, TX, but has lived and ministered in China, Thailand, and Japan, as well as at churches in the US. In the past, Rachel has taught as an adjunct faculty member at Ozark Christian College, teaching about women’s issues and global ministry. Presently she oversees our Redemption Kids ministry in addition to helping women and new moms find community at Redemption.

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Esther Chen Meyers

Esther lives with her husband, Nathan, and baby daughter in the Inner Sunset. After being raised outside Chicago and graduating from college in the cornfields, Esther spent 5 years in Boston where she got her masters degree in counseling and met Nathan (who was also raised outside Chicago just 15 minutes away from Esther), and moved to San Francisco in 2015. Scoping out the San Francisco food scene is her favorite city activity! Discovering that San Francisco, a place that embraces equality, is a city with so much social injustice, Esther is often thinking about how to love and serve people in need and build bridges with those who are different or under-privileged.

When she's not baking up a storm, force-feeding house guests, or dabbling in creative hobbies, Esther is busy chasing after her baby girl and trying to make her home cozy.


Jenny Poper  
Volunteer Coordinator / Chief Party Thrower 🎉

Jenny grew up in Phoenix, Arizona, and first experienced the city of San Francisco in 1999 while on a family vacation. She vowed to never live in such a cold and windy place, but God had other plans! Jenny and her husband, Grayden, moved to San Francisco from San Diego in 2012. They discovered Redemption Church in 2014 while looking for a church to serve and call home, and fell in love with the mission to be disciples in this city. She is passionate about serving the church and the community through administrative support, hospitality, volunteer coordinating, and event planning. 

Jenny and Grayden live in Twin Peaks with their very active two year-old. Her day-to-day is made up of serving her family and the church by managing the little details, and getting outside to enjoy San Francisco’s beautiful and endless scenery. It’s not as cold and windy as she remembered it from 1999! 

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Chad lives with his wife, Sarah, in the Inner Richmond and conquers the hills of the city on his trusty scooter, Buddy.

Chad was born and raised in Texas, but he moved to the West Coast as soon as he could. He lived in LA for a few years before finally making it to San Francisco. He has lived in The City since Spring of 2014 and has been a part of Redemption the entire time he has lived here.  He has made two unquestionably good decisions in his life; Marrying his wife Sarah in 2013, and believing in Christ. He hopes you will get to know them both.

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Eddie Williams  
Church planter in residency

The Williams’ have lived in major cities around the country, following Eddie’s NFL career and serving in different churches along the way. After five years in the NFL, they had their first of three children, Emmanuella, just before moving to Salt Lake City to serve with the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

After two more children and nearly three years in Salt Lake City, doors began opening to begin the process of starting a church back where Eddie is from, the Bay Area. It was a tough, prayerful season, but God made it clear to them that San Francisco is where they should move their family. They are both prayerful that God would use their story to help transform San Francisco with the Gospel of Jesus. They are currently in the process of planting Bay City Church in southeast San Francisco.


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