CJ said it best on Sunday night, “We’re here for two reasons. We love Jesus and we love San Francisco.” And what a different environment San Francisco is. Everyday we are living among a heightened amount of tempting idols. Whatever idol you struggle with, SF vibrantly displays it. Even in our interactions, success and what you do is so easily worshiped. It’s often either, “I have a really cool job at a really cool company,” or “I am working hard so that I can get that job.”

CJ talked on worship sunday night and encouraged us to cast away those idols by worshiping Jesus at all times. He then posed a brilliant question by D.A. Carson, “How do we engage in something we don’t do during the week?” Meaning, why are we worshiping a God once a week when we longs for us to worship him at all times?

Living in SF has developed my concept on idols. I came from a small town in Virginia where there was no Apple store, nice cars, and fancy restaurants. And in spite of location, Jesus is our constant. I can marvel in that. Simply by waking up and realizing who I am, a fallen man, and who God is, I can start my day worshiping the God who created me.